7 hr CE Course – The Truth About Florida Stucco


Developed for practicing industry professionals, this 7-hour course specifically addresses the TRUTH about “water intrusion in the
building envelope.”

Incompetence by many “experts” within our industry in understanding the practice of proper installation of stucco and lath components has caused “water intrusion in the building envelope” to
become the most common construction litigation issue of this decade.

As a recognized industry expert in stucco and waterproofing practices and litigation issues, Bob’s presentation will review in detail Florida’s stucco, lath & cladding practices, failures and
construction requirements; including our building codes & referenced standards. This live classroom presentation
will include a detailed explanation of the principles of moisture migration and bulk transport. This knowledge will aid in
thoroughly understanding moisture-related problems that manifest well after building construction is complete (i.e. leaking, mold, building moisture, excess humidity, decay, etc).

Photographs of documented building damage will be shared to show:
• Improper maintenance of systems
• Improper building design
• Inattention to construction details
• Improper installation of building
envelope components – including a discussion of costing details

Course Dates and Enrollment!

Course Schedule and Contents:


8AM – 10AM

Stucco Envelope Failures, their causes, and cures Photographs and case histories of building envelope failures from improper plan details, product specifications, and installation procedures.
Break Break
10:30AM-12PM Stucco Codes and Regulations Understanding Florida’s Code requirements, ASTM C-926 and C-1063, and Sealed Cladding System Code approvals.
Lunch Provided Lunch Provided
1PM – 2PM Understanding coatings and coating applications Different types of coating base materials, preparing a stucco wall for coating application, applying coatings, measuring mil thickness.
2PM – 2:30PM Sealants Understanding different sealants, use, and application of sealants, tooling and 3 point adhesion, backer rods and their uses.
Break Break
3:15PM – 4PM Weather Resistant Barriers Energy code requirements for air and moisture barriers, Types of weather-resistant barriers and vapor barriers, effect on stucco curing
4PM – 4:30PM Flashings Integration of weather-resistant barrier and roof/wall flashings, Integrating the flashings with the cladding system, balcony, deck, and wall flashings and terminations
4:30PM – 5PM Hands-on Flashing Construction Students will prepare and build mock flashing details for typical cladding interfaces and terminations.

The Truth about Florida Stucco 7 hour course is available for Florida Continuing Education credit – Call (727)857-3904 for more details.

Course Dates and Enrollment!