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What is the Stucco Institute?

The Stucco Institute is an educational institution formed specifically to serve the Florida stucco industry in Zones 1, 2, and 3 as defined by the International Energy Conservation Code. The course material has a special emphasis on conditions affecting Zones 1 and 2, which are particularly prone to high-wind events (such as tropical storms or hurricanes) and a high concentration of airborne salt particles.

Climate Zone Map of United States

How is Stucco Institute Different?

The primary goal of the Stucco Institute is to provide a repository of traditional code-required stucco applications. These include applications in which the stucco serves a code-required shear, fire, or wall covering, as well as instances in which the stucco is applied as a cladding over walls fully sheathed with structural panels.

Does the Stucco Institute Meet International Standards?

Yes! In our courses, the Institute takes into account the need for regional modification of a number of “boilerplate” requirements within both the international standards and the codes that reference those international standards. Due to differences in regional climate, regional construction methodologies, and regional building envelope needs, a locally-trained construction specifier is often required to modify or eliminate some international provisions for better product performance and service.

pexels-photo-59924-largeNearly all of the standards contain a case-by-case provision like “unless otherwise specified” in order to allow necessary modifications. These modifications are especially important considering that stucco can be installed with a white, gray, or tinted finish to any desired wall coloring (thereby negating the need for any paint and allowing for the promotion of a “maintenance-free” exterior) and/or a required colored exterior coating to serve as a “face barrier” system. Additionally, regional construction may or may not require air barriers on the exterior walls. Among many others, these factors may alter the subcomponents, requirements, accessories, installation, admixtures, and provisions of the stucco system itself.

Why use the Sealed Cladding System?

Sealed Cladding System

The Sealed Cladding System is a code-approved exterior cement-based cladding system with 40 years of time-honored, complication-free service life. If you are applying stucco in the applicable regions, the Institute encourages you to review the Sealed Cladding System.

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The Stucco Institute is proud to be part of the “Code Talk” discussion group, the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals (ACICP), the Contractors Institute, the Sealed Cladding System and other industry organizations that further the advancement of accurate, applicable trade standards and information.

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