Installer Training and Certification

R.J. Koning has researched, developed, and is now teaching through the CI® Stucco Institute a two-day in-depth certification program on stucco and lath codes in hot and humid climates!  This course will include classroom and field instruction in preparing and installing a complete rigid “cladding” exterior stucco system. If you are a practicing stucco and waterproofing professional or design professional, you DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!  After completing this course, you will understand not only “how-to” but “why” all parts of the sealed system must work together to ensure a guaranteed COMPLETE water-resistant building exterior.


 Course Schedule and Contents:


8AM – 10AM

Stucco Envelope Failures, their causes, and cures Photographs and case histories of building envelope failures from improper plan details, product specifications, and installation procedures.
Break Break
10:30AM-12PM Stucco Codes and Regulations Understanding Florida’s Code requirements, ASTM C-926 and C-1063, and Sealed Cladding System Code approvals.
Lunch Provided Lunch Provided
1PM – 2PM Understanding coatings and coating applications Different types of coating base materials, preparing a stucco wall for coating application, applying coatings, measuring mil thickness.
2PM – 2:30PM Sealants Understanding different sealants, use, and application of sealants, tooling and 3 point adhesion, backer rods and their uses.
Break Break
3:15PM – 4PM Weather Resistant Barriers Energy code requirements for air and moisture barriers, Types of weather-resistant barriers and vapor barriers, effect on stucco curing
4PM – 4:30PM Flashings Integration of weather-resistant barrier and roof/wall flashings, Integrating the flashings with the cladding system, balcony, deck, and wall flashings and terminations
4:30PM – 5PM Hands-on Flashing Construction Students will prepare and build mock flashing details for typical cladding interfaces and terminations.

DAY 28AM – 10AM
Estimating Job Materials Estimating Structalath, installing Structalath, accessories, and terminations, estimating quantity of cement bag goods and materials, estimating the quantity of coatings and sealants.
Break Break
10:30AM – 12PM Installing the StractaLath Installing the StructaLath wire, fastening and fastening pattern, installing accessories, panelizing (control) joints, weep screed and terminations.
Lunch Provided Lunch Provided
1PM – 2PM Application of Stucco Proper mixing and proportions, applying the stucco, monolithic application of coats, rodding and screeding, densification, cutting keyways and relief kerfs, preparing for coatings and sealants, curing of cladding components.
2PM – 2:30PM Application of Coating Understanding the PH level, hot primers, applying the coating, roller nap rollers, applying the coating, spray equipment, determining required mil thickness.
Break Break
3:15PM – 4PM Sealants Preparing the base to receive sealants, fenestration corners, interfaces, backer rods, kerfs, and keyways, sealing penetrations, tooling, using spatulas.
4PM – 4:30PM Hands-On Demonstrations Hands-on module for application, densification and rodding of corners. Customer information, maintenance, placing placards and technician obligations and responsibilities, code of conduct.
4:30 – 5:30PM Examinations/Certifications Students will be tested and certified

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