Getting Certified

  1. To enroll in the Stucco Institute, contractors must provide proof of prior stucco installation experience.
  2. Contractors must complete the certified Sealed Stucco Technician course by passing both a written exam and a practical knowledge demonstration.
  3. Once the technician has demonstrated the required knowledge, the technician is awarded a Sealed Stucco Technician certification and added to the list of approved Sealed Stucco System installers.

***Please be aware that only contractors holding a current technician certification will be able to apply stucco using the Sealed Stucco System.

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The Benefits of Certification

The Sealed Cladding Technician certification obtained at the Stucco Institute allows the holder to apply the elite Sealed Cladding System– a cladding system that has been regionally adapted for Florida’s Zones 1, 2, and 3, as defined by the International Energy Conservation Code.

Only Certified Technicians who have been taught the specific details and follow the Sealed Cladding System Installation Specifications can install the Sealed Cladding System.  The use of the Sealed Cladding System requires the work to be done by someone trained to either install or supervise the installation of the system to ensure uncompromising quality and performance.

All Sealed Cladding Technicians are included in the List of Approved Technicians.

Limited Offering Class – Seats are Limited – Register today to become a Sealed Cladding Technician here.

The Sealed Cladding System is essential to address the needs of the Florida exterior cement finish industry while advocating for the advancement of accurate, applicable trade standards and information. Click here to learn more about the Sealed Cladding System.