Training Itinerary – Understanding Florida’s Code Referenced Stucco Documents – The ASTM C-926 and C-1063

The 1-day Traditional Stucco training will begin at 8 a.m. The course covers the ASTM C-926 and C-1063 and gives information on how to avoid potential litigation issues. Lunch will be provided by the Stucco Institute.

Topic Description
8AM - 10AM Stucco Envelope Failures, their causes and cures Photographs and case histories of building envelope failures from improper plan details, improper flashings, improper product specification and installation procedures
10AM - 10:15AM Break Break
10:15AM - 12PM Stucco Lath Codes and Regulations Understanding Florida’s Code requirements, ASTM C-1063, proper sequencing and installation of accessories and control joints. Energy code requirements for air and moisture barriers, types of weather resistant barriers and vapor barriers, effect on stucco curing
12PM - 1PM Lunch Provided Lunch Provided
1PM - 3PM Stucco Application Codes and Regulations Understanding Florida’s Code requirements, ASTM C-926, Mixing and proportioning ingredients, applying the stucco, monolithic vs phased application, densification, applying finishes, accommodating penetrations.
3PM - 3:15PM Break Break
3:15PM - 4PM Understanding Coating and Sealant Applications Different types of coating base materials, preparing a stucco wall for coating application, applying coatings, measuring mil thickness. Understanding different sealants, use and application of sealants, tooling and 3 point adhesion, backer rods and their uses
4PM - 5PM Banding, Decorations, and Fenestration Installing decorative banding and offsets, evaluating fenestrations and flashings, maintenance of the stucco system